RG3 Surprises High School Kids While Posing As a Mannequin (Video)


If you want to keep Robert Griffin III upright and healthy for the entire 2016 season, have him stand in one place like a mannequin.


“First time I’ve been a mannequin,” Griffin said.

“Let’s just say it was really hard not to breathe for that long, but it was fun,” Griffin said. “The kids were really excited. I was afraid I was going to head butt the one kid because he was so close. The goal was to scare them, but I didn’t want to hit the kid in the face with the helmet — that probably would have ruined the surprise.”

Griffin and teammate Cam Erving visited North Ridgeville High School, a school the Cleveland Browns are donating $25,000 in football helmets to. And the Browns’ new quarterback gave the kids the shock of a lifetime.


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