“Vikings Fan” and “Mystery Girl” Star in UW Madison Snapchat Love Story (Video)

uw madison snapchat love story

The biggest event on social media this week went down at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, where a couple of ridiculously good-looking college kids used Snapchat to hook up at a bar.

Okay, so that doesn’t sound so exciting, I know. But stick with me here, because it’s actually pretty amusing.

For those of you (old people) who don’t know, Snapchat is a video and photo messaging app. It’s kind of like Twitter, only instead of 140-character messages you publish videos or pictures called snaps, and those snaps self-destruct almost immediately after they are viewed…unless you add those snaps to a “story,” in which case they stick around for 24 hours.

That brings us to the UW Madison Snapchat Love Story. You see, Snapchat has a feature that allows users to submit their snaps to curated public stories centered around special events or geographical locations—such as a college campus. And earlier this week, a female UW Madison student, a.k.a. “Mystery Girl,” published the Snapchat equivalent of a Craig’s List missed connection. That is to say, she saw a snap from some dude in a Vikings jersey whom she thought was hot, so she published her own snap informing “Vikings Fan” that she was in love with him and asked if he wanted to meet up somewhere.

The thing to keep in mind, though, is that these are not private videos. They are videos that anyone following the UW Madison Snapchat story can see and respond to. So pretty soon everybody on campus was following this blossoming love story and contributing their own snaps like some sort of interactive rom-com.

Fortunately, somebody managed to capture the story before it vanished into the ether, preserving it for posterity.

Take a look:

The New York Magazine‘s “Select All” blog managed to find out who these lovebirds are and get an interview. Their names are Abby and Reed, and they insist this was not a hoax.

“This was 100 percent legit,” Reed told them. “Some place came out with an article that said we were models paid by Snapchat. That’s just absurd.”

“If you look on Facebook,” Abby interjected, “we only became friends yesterday. We just added each other on Snapchat. We have all the evidence to prove this is real.”

Are Mystery Girl Abby and Vikings Fan Reed dating now? Not exactly. They tell Select All they’re just “hanging out” on a daily basis. So, you know.

Cool story.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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