Bill Belichick’s Son, Steve, Joins Pats Coaching Staff, Also Loves Hoodies (Pic)

New England Patriots Rookie Camp

If you thought that Bill Belichick’s cold calculated approach to coaching would prevent him from including any near and dear folks in his coaching staff, you’ll be pleasantly surprised to learn that he’s hired his son Steve as the New England Patriots new safeties coach.

Not only did the media observe the younger Belichick’s fondness for hoodies, but they went ahead and asked him about it. And he answered with, “If my neck’s cold, I’ll put the hood up and warm my head up. It’s a good piece of clothing. I think everyone should have a hooded sweatshirt in their closet.”

Steve seemed to be all the rage at yesterday’s press event, to the point that others may have been feeling a little left out:

Hat Tip – [TheScore]

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