Pirates Pitcher Gerrit Cole Pulls a Nick Mangold at Penguins Game, Gets Reprimanded for Being Too Enthusiastic (Videos)

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The Pirates played an afternoon game against the Cubs at PNC Park on Wednesday, giving players a rare night off in Pittsburgh before heading off to the next town.

How did their ace, Gerrit Cole, use his night off? He went to Game 4 between the Penguins and Capitals at the Consol Energy Center and pulled a Nick Mangold.

A few weeks ago Mangold, a center for the New York Jets, went to the Rangers-Penguins game at Madison Square Garden, got jacked up on some expensive-ass beer, and harassed Penguins players until an usher had to come and tell him to chill the hell out.

On Wednesday, Cole did the same. Decked out in a Sidney Crosby jersey, Cole sat in the front row, threw back some tallboys, and gave the Capitals an earful.

Here he is getting worked up before the game even started:

Here he is jumping out of his seat and leading the crowd in a chant of “LET’S GO PENS!” when he realizes he’s on the video board:

Here he is right above the C in DISCOVER, pounding a beer and pointing vehemently at Capitals players after Matt Cullen scored to make it 2-1:

And, last but not least, here’s an usher telling him to dial it down a notch:

Gerrit Cole knows how to party. Love that dude.

Hat Tip – [Sporting News]

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