Unbelievable Images From Wednesday’s Polish Cup Final Suggest All Hell LITERALLY Broke Loose (Video + Pics)

polish cup final images flares smoke war zone Legia Warsaw vs Lech Poznan

Legia Warsaw defeated Lech Poznan 1-0 in the Polish Cup final at National Stadium Warsaw on Wednesday. But the real battle wasn’t on the field. It was in the stands, where supporters for the two teams put on duelling tifo and pyrotechnics displays that made it look like the Dark Lord Satan himself had opened a chasm in the earth’s crust from which to spew fire and brimstone upon the righteous.

Seriously, it was absolutely insane. I’ll stop talking so you can just look at this:

Were the hospitals of Warsaw filled with people being treated for smoke inhalation after the game? Or is this just a totally normal thing for Polish soccer fans?

Either way, keep this in mind the next time your local baseball announcer chastises fans for throwing paper airplanes onto the field.

Hat Tip – [Dirty Tackle]

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