Marlins Bro Takes Selfie with D-Backs Player Who Dove Into Stands to Make a Catch (Video + Pics)

marlins bro take selfie brandon drury

Arizona Diamondbacks outfielder Brandon Drury leapt into the stands at Marlins Park on Wednesday to make an outstanding catch on a pop foul down the first base line. So naturally, a Marlins fan whipped out his phone and took a selfie with Drury as he was climbing back over the wall. Because it’s 2016, and that’s what we do.

The fan’s name is Blake Mathesie. We’re just going to call him Marlins Bro.

Check it out. Here’s the game footage:

And here is Marlins Bro’s tweet…which includes a screenshot of the game footage:

Later on the folks at caught up with Marlins Bro and asked him what was going through his head. He explained that he did ask Drury if he was alright, and that Drury cracked a little smile. So I guess it’s all good:

Of course, Marlins Bro’s selfie is pretty great. But it’s not the best baseball selfie we’ve seen this week. Check out this one courtesy of a Cleveland Indians fan:

That’s one of the greatest sports selfies of all time. Skill level: expert.

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