Patrick Beverley Plays 1-on-1 Streetball Against Young Girl, Talks Trash and Shows No Mercy (Video)

patrick-beverley-plays-1-on-1 girl

The Houston Rockets shocked their fans this spring by actually winning a playoff game against the Golden State Warriors. Sure, it took two different injuries to league MVP Steph Curry to make that happen. But the Rockets really had no business being in the playoffs in the first place, so they’ll take what they can get.

So what are the Rockets players doing now that their season is over? They’re not moping around feeling sorry for themselves, that’s for sure. They won a game against the Warriors! They’re out having fun, which, for point guard Patrick Beverley, entails going to playgrounds, playing kids in basketball, and destroying them.

No joke. Beverley stopped by a local playground this week, where he accepted a young girl’s challenge to a game of 1-on-1 and showed her absolutely no mercy. Hell, he was even talking trash. To a kid!

It’s amazing. Take a look:

Of course, Beverley is known for his chippy demeanor, so I guess we shouldn’t be surprised to see him obliterating kids on the playground.

It’s still pretty funny, though. I think maybe next week I’ll go to a local elementary school and challenge some sixth graders to an essay contest. Gonna mop the floor with those motherf#%&ers.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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