Broncos Draft Pick Paxton Lynch Shows Off His Comedic Chops in this ‘Dude Perfect’ Parody (Video)

paxton lynch

He may not have been a top-tier pick like Jarod Goff or Carson Wentz, but Paxton Lynch looks pretty eager to make a name for himself as he enters a quarterback competition for the starting job in Denver. For whatever reason (probably because he’s a 20 something kid), he decided to show the world his chops in areas such as dabbing, frisbee, and hurdling.

He doesn’t seem to be very good at any of them, but he’s plenty enthusiastic. A lot of people might see this as pretty immature, but the type of players that do stuff like this are normally the dorky ones who tend to stay out of trouble, so let’s consider it a good sign!

Here’s the clip:

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