This Tiny Flag Football QB Has a Cannon for an Arm (Video)


I don’t know what age these kids are, but I do know that even if they were in high school, which they’re clearly not, this would be an impressive display of arm-strength from the quarterback.

The flag football QB playfakes, then sends the ball DEEP, where a sprinting wideout gets enough separation to make a very nice and casual over the shoulder catch.

Take a look:

Unfortunately, the video stops just as the parents really start to go crazy, so you’re left wondering how many of them were rioting over that play. Probably a few. You can hear a mom start to shriek, but you’ll have to let your imagination take it from there.

The video says he’s 10 years old. Let’s hope he sticks with the sport so that we can see what he’s capable of by the time he turns 17.

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