Insurance Company Claims Joe Paterno Knew Jerry Sandusky Was Molesting Kids Since 1976

Penn State Community Shaken By Sex Abuse Scandal

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An alleged victim of convicted child molester Jerry Sandusky claims he told head football coach Joe Paterno that he had been molested by Sandusky in 1976.

This new claim was made in a deposition taken as part of a legal battle between Penn State and its insurance company. The university is trying to make a claim on their policy to help cover some of the $60 million it has paid to settle lawsuits from Sandusky’s victims. The insurance company is trying to prove that the university isn’t covered under the policy because it knew about Sandusky’s illegal activities and did not act.

The most hotly debated part of the 2011 Penn State molestation scandal has been how much Joe Paterno knew about Jerry Sandusky and when he knew it. Documents show a graduate assistant told Paterno about Sandusky in 2001, and that Paterno reported it to university officials. However, in 2012 the Freeh Report, an independent investigation into the scandal, concluded that Paterno was involved in the university’s decision not to bring the matter to authorities.

Paterno was fired in November 2011 and the iconic statue of him in front of Beaver stadium removed in July 2012. However, many if not most Penn State fans have remained loyal to the legendary coach, confident that he did nothing wrong.

Paterno’s family issued a statement regarding the latest allegation.

“An allegation now about an alleged event 40 years ago, as represented by a single line in a court document regarding an insurance issue, with no corroborating evidence, does not change the facts,” the Paterno family told “Joe Paterno did not, at any time, cover up conduct by Jerry Sandusky.”

Of course, the Paterno family is right to an extent. At this point there is no corroborating evidence. All we have is a single line from a court order. But that’s only because the rest of the information, including the actual testimony and any possible evidence, is still under seal.

We should certainly reserve final judgement until everything comes out into the light. However, the fact is somebody testified under oath that he told Joe Paterno about Jerry Sandusky in 1976. That is a serious claim, and cannot be casually dismissed.

Stay tuned.

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