Fox Sports’ Katie Nolan Made Her Own Lemonade Video About Tom Brady (Video)

fox sports katie nolan made her own lemonade video about tom brady

As you probably know, a couple of weeks ago Beyoncé dropped her sixth studio album, Lemonade. It’s basically a concept album about how Jay-Z cheated on her with a white girl, and along with it Bea released an hour-long music video featuring all the songs as well as some spoken word poetry. So, you know, it’s deep.

I bring this up because, this week, Fox Sports 1’s Katie Nolan, a die-hard Patriots fan, made her own version of Lemonade. Only instead of Beyoncé coming to terms with Jay-Z cheating, it’s about Nolan coming to terms with—you guessed it—Tom Brady cheating. And instead of 60 minutes, it’s only four-and-a-half minutes.

Take a look:

Pretty solid. Always liked Katie Nolan. She knows her stuff and doesn’t take shit from anybody.

It’s a shame more New England Patriots fans can’t accept the truth.

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