MMA Fighter Suffers Nasty Arm Break After Elbow Bends the Wrong Way (Video)

mma arm
It’s not easy to see exactly how this MMA guy’s arm breaks while they’re both standing up, but once they get some separation, you can see the fallout, and it ain’t pretty. It’s like one of those scenes in bad 80s action movies where a guy gets his arm shot off, then he looks at it in disbelief. That’s what happens here. The unfortunate fighter can’t believe his arm broke WHILE STANDING.

Take a look. It’s not THAT gruesome, but it’s not exactly pleasant, either.

It looks like he put his arm down to break his fall and THAT’S when it happened. Either way, not fun, eh?

He’ll put some ice on it, then get back out there, I’m sure.

Hat Tip – [BroBible]

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