Derrick Rose Wants His Rape Accuser’s Identity Revealed To The Public

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A woman who was in a relationship with Chicago Bulls G Derrick Rose is suing him for $21 million because she says him & his friends gang raped her a few years back and she has his used condoms to prove it.

Derrick Rose says this is just an extortion attempt, because she’s upset he didn’t reimburse her for sex toys that were used on the night in question. He also wants her identity revealed to the public and gave his reasons why:

“Rose claimed that the woman was only upset with him due to her not being reimbursed for sex toys used during the night in question. He said that once he started ignoring her texts … she became even angrier with him. Rose demanded the entire suit be thrown out and the woman not be awarded a dime.
The lawsuit is currently in the discovery phase with both sides exchanging documents and taking depositions of the parties involved. Interesting to note … Rose recently demanded the accuser hand over all condoms she kept from the night in question … which she agreed to turn over since she kept the used condoms.
Rose headed back to court and blasted the woman’s attempt to remain anonymous in the legal battle. He explains that they shared a long-term intimate relationship spanning several years that included sexual intimacy.
He states, “This is not a rape case. It’s pure and simple extortion by a plaintiff who does not want to be deposed on her own exculpatory texts because every lay witness in the case will shred Plaintiff’s story.”
Rose is demanding the court compel the woman to abandon her incomplete and selective attempt to continue on with this suit under Jane Doe. He says she is a thirty year old adult and cannot continue to have the best of both worlds – using a pseudonym when she wants and referring to herself by her given name whenever the mood strikes in order to allow access to select third party witnesses and prevent Mr. Rose and the other defendants from building a defense.
Further, he explains she has shown no evidence that she experienced fear, harassment, shame, humiliation or embarrassment and instead has made unsupported attacks against him and his team
He points out that the woman is publicly portraying herself as sexual and even her Instagram posts include photos that are sexual in nature. Further, she is dressed in provocative attire and poses in sexually suggestive poses … and even had photos indicating she engages in sexually-charged encounters with more than one man at a time.”

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