You’ve Gott See The Legendary Bartolo Colon Home Run En Español (Video)

bartolo colon home run en espanol

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It’s damn near impossible to overstate the awesomeness of Saturday’s Bartolo Colon home run. If you have ever seen the corpulent 42-year-old swing the bat…or run to first base…or shake his belly like a bowl full of jelly, you know the chances of him hitting a home run were right up there with Leicester City winning the Premiere League. Hell, the guy hit his first ever extra base hit in 2014 and people lost their shit. The idea that he could hit a home run at all, let alone a towering home run at pitcher-friendly Petco Park, was just impossible.

But Colon did hit a towering home run. And as glorious as it was in English, it is possibly even better en Español.

Check it out, courtesy of the Mets’ Spanish broadcaster WEPN and @InMetsWeTrust:

So how are the Mets handling all this? Just like the rest of us—which is to say, with jokes.

On Sunday, for example, Colon was listed as being available as a right-handed bat off the bench:

Well done, Mets.

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