Bryce Harper Left Team Bus To Give Money To Homeless Woman

Washington Nationals v Chicago Cubs

On Sunday, Washington Nationals superstar Bryce Harper had enough energy left after the game, since the Chicago Cubs walked him a record six times in a game the Nats ultimately lost, 4-3.


Asheley Marie, who works part-time security for the Cubs, took to Facebook and posted about the random act of kindness she witnessed when she saw Bryce Harper run off the team bus to give a jar of money to a homeless woman.

got to work security for the visitor’s bus after the game today & witnessed something amazing! Bryce Harper had already gotten on his bus but, about 10 minutes later he walks off again with a glass jar full of money. I watched him run across Sheffield & give it to a homeless woman who was sitting under a tree next to her dog with a big smile. That woman’s face lit up so brightly & she couldn’t believe it! I couldn’t help but give him knucks as he got back on the bus & told him he was a good man. He gave them back with a smile & a big thank you! Nationals or not…that was incredible to witness! Thanks, Bryce! Respect❤”


Harper is under contract this season for $5 million.

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