Ja Rule Believed Michael Jordan Was Making $1 Per Crying Jordan Meme (Tweets)

Ja Rule Crying Jordan Meme

Most of us have probably been fooled by a parody post at one time or another.  It really isn’t anything to be ashamed of…unless that parody post is about something ridiculous, like Michael Jordan making $1 per Crying Jordan meme, and you decide to tweet about that ridiculously false story after reading it.

Obviously someone famous has fallen victim to such a mishap (else why would we even bring it up?). And that someone is rapper Ja Rule.

Here’s his tweet, which is in response to a post from parody site TMZComedy.com:

Ja Rule Crying Jordan

Someone eventually told Ja Rule that he was the victim of a parody post, causing him to delete his tweets…

Ja Rule tweet

…but by then it was too late:

Hat Tip – [TheBigLead]

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