Greek League Basketball Coach Almost Fights Player…During Game (Video)

greek league basketball coach tries to attack player AEK Jure Zdovc  Taurean Green

Let it be known that AEK Basketball Club coach Jure Zdovc does not take crap from his players. During Game 2 of AEK’s Greek League semifinals series against Olympiakos, Zdovac nearly started a fight with former Florida Gators star Taurean Green.

I don’t speak Greek, so I have no idea if Zdovc and Green have a history of not getting along. What I do know based on the video below is that Zdovc had some coaching wisdom he wanted to impart on Green as he came off the floor in the 2nd quarter, but Green was not interested so he just kept walking. At that point Zdovc got heated and began gesticulating assertively. So Green got up out of his chair, and Zdovc charged at him as other players and coaches rushed to intervene.

Take a look. The initial confrontation is shown on replay at the 0:44 mark:

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It’s hard to take sides without knowing the whole story. It’s possible Zdovc is a huge douche who’s always berating players. But if you’re going on this video alone you’d have to blame Green for this one. Dude totally disrespected his coach.

Oh, and not coincidentally, AEK lost 80-67.

Hat Tip – [Deadspin]

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