Richard Jefferson’s Snapchat Proves LeBron James Actually DOES Drive a Kia (Video)

LeBron James Kia

We’ve all seen the painful commercial in which LeBron James responds to some guy on Twitter who doubts (as we all did) that the basketball megastar would actually drive a Kia, even though he’s a spokesman for the brand.

Here’s that video, in case it hasn’t already been seared into your brain:

It now appears, thanks to a Richard Jefferson Snapchat video, that LeBron actually does drive a Kia outside of Kia commercials.

Here’s THAT video:

Man, is that Jefferson speaking over that whole video? Whoever it is sure is annoying. But it does seem like LeBron James was rocking a Kia, so maybe we can all consider ourselves convinced, and they can stop showing that commercial now?

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