Someone Found the Raiders 2010 Draft Evaluations Binder, and It Proves their Bad Drafting Isn’t the Scouts’ Fault (Pics)

Sam Bradford Raiders 2010 Draft Evaluations Binder Leaks

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Somebody out there on the internet stumbled across the Oakland Raiders 2010 draft evaluations binder and posted some notable entries on the interwebs for the football-loving world to see.

The result? Now we know it’s definitely not the scouts’ fault the Raiders suck at drafting.

The cache of photos uploaded to photo-sharing site imgur includes evaluations for guys like no. 1 overall pick Sam Bradford, no. 14 Earl Thomas, no. 22 Demaryius Thomas, no. 24 Dez Bryant, and no. 48 Jimmy Clausen. It also includes positional rankings for tight ends and quarterbacks that include no. 42 Rob Gronkowski and no. 25 Tim Tebow. And all the evaluations are pretty much spot on. In fact, hindsight shows the Raiders scouts actually had a better idea of what guys were worth than a lot of the other teams around the league.

Let’s start with Gronk. The Raiders had him listed as the best TE in the draft, but he was the second TE taken. The Bengals selected Jermaine Gresham at 21. So the Raiders were right!

raiders 2010 draft evaluations tight ends gronk

Of course, the Raiders could have had Gronk at no. 42 if they hadn’t traded that pick to move down and take DE Lamarr Houston. Whoops!

The Raiders also nailed the wide receivers, calling Demaryius Thomas a “potential game changer” and Dez Bryant a “possible beast.”

raiders 2010 draft evaluations demaryius thomas

raiders 2010 draft evaluations dez bryant

raiders 2010 draft evaluations wide receives

Unfortunately the Raiders thought they didn’t need a high-end WR because they already had Derrius Heyward-Bey. LOL.

The Raiders also passed on Legion of Boom™ pillar Earl Thomas, even though they called him “the most versatile safety in the draft” who “does everything you want to see” and “has no limitations.”

raiders 2010 draft evaluations earl thomas

As for quarterbacks, the Raiders definitely would not have traded up in the draft to take Tim Tebow at no. 25 like the Broncos did. They had him listed correctly as the 7th best QB in the draft.

raiders quarterback rankings

So what specifically did the Raiders think about Bradford and Clausen, their top two QBs?

Well, they pretty much nailed Clausen, calling him arrogant, immature, and likely to “piss everybody off immediately.”

raiders 2010 draft evaluations jimmy clausen

As for Bradford, the Raiders got a lot right about him, too, praising his arm and accuracy.

raiders 2010 draft evaluations sam bradford

Unfortunately, the part about being a “respected leader,” while true during his tenure with the Rams, is going to get a lot of side-eyes given his recent issues with the Eagles.

The main takeaway here, though, is the Raiders scouts are pretty damn good at evaluating talent, but the Raiders front office is terrible at listening to them.


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