First NBA Player Besides LeBron to Be Rumored for Role in ‘Space Jam 2’ is…J.R. Smith?

j.r. smith space jam 2 rumor

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And the first NBA player other than LeBron James rumored to be up for a Space Jam 2 cameo is…J.R. Smith.

Not Steph Curry. Not Kevin Durant. Not Dwyane Wade. Not Carmelo Anthony. Not Anthony Davis. Not any of the other NBA superstars. J.R. Smith.

Now, I’ve got nothing against Smith. The guy’s an excellent sixth man, and he’s had some big games for the Cavs this postseason. But he’s not exactly a role model for young children. In fact, he can be kind of a douche. And he’s not exactly a household name. So it seems strange that producers would want him in a movie aimed (mostly) at children. But they do, apparently.

According to TMZ, producers have “reached out” to Smith about a role in the film, and Smith’s agent says “there is mutual interest.”

Of course, while nothing is set in stone just yet, TMZ says producers “have kicked around the idea” of Smith voicing an animated character. And that would make sense, given that Smith doesn’t have the traditional “clean cut” image. But it’s still hilarious that he is in the running. Surely Smith’s friendship with LeBron has something (everything?) to do with this.

Stay tuned. I’m sure more rumors will be forthcoming.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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