Toronto Politician Norm Kelly On Wade: “I Don’t Think He Intended To Be Disrespectful”

Norm Kelly

Before game 3 even kicked off, social media was in an uproar because Miami Heat G Dwyane Wade continued to shoot while the Canadian National Anthem was being sung.

On Sunday, Toronto Politician Norm Kelly took to Twitter to tweet his thoughts about what should happen after Wade kept shooting.


On Monday, TMZ caught up with Norm and he somewhat defended Wade stating he didn’t believe he was trying to be disrespectful, but he needs to be more aware.

“I played hockey, baseball, football … I understand the rituals athletes go through, especially before a playoff game,” Kelly told TMZ. “I don’t think he intended to be disrespectful.”

“He should’ve just been more aware,” Kelly said. “I don’t think we’ll see a repeat of what he did. He’s smart. He’s aware. He’ll know next time.”

Norm went on to state how Canada is finally starting to stand up for themselves after being everybody’s punchline for years.

“Why did Toronto react like they did? It’s because Canada is starting to flex their muscles,” Kelly added. “We’ve been the junior partner in North America for a long time. Now, there are people coming from around the world to enjoy Toronto’s way of living.”

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