Dallas Suburb Approves Plan for Most Expensive High School Football Stadium Ever

mckinney stadium

The Dallas suburb of McKinney seems to be in something of a rivalry with nearby Allen, and they’re off to outdo the latter’s $60 million, 18,000-person high school football stadium with a $63 million, 12,000-person stadium of their own. Adjacent to the stadium itself would be an event space, but the lion’s share of the allocation is for the stadium proper.

The taxpayers of the city approved a $200 million bond package, of which just more than $50 million will go to the stadium, in addition to more than $10 million that was left over from a 2000 bond issuance. Using that math, the McKinney football stadium would be the nation’s richest.

The stadium just narrowly edges out a stadium in nearby Katy, Texas, which is thought to come in at $62.5 million. Sounds like fans of high school football in Texas will have a wealth of options for overblown stadiums to attend in the coming years.

Hat Tip – [USA Today]

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