Ex-NFL LB Clint Session Wanted for Not Paying $381k in Child Support for Disabled Daughter

Jacksonville Jaguars 2011 Headshots

Former NFL Linebacker Clint Session signed a 5-year, $30 Million deal in 2011 with the Jacksonville Jaguars. November of that same year, he suffered multiple concussions and hasn’t seen a football field since.

Clearly he’s not hurting for money…except when it comes to paying for the disabled daughter that he has with a former girlfriend.

Back in July of 2015:

“According to the judgment, between April 2012 and December 2014, Session paid Bradshaw $75,100 for care. The payments, however, came in erratic bundles (and one check even bounced, court paperwork says). When Bradshaw took her ex to court to establish a routine pay schedule, Session represented himself, claiming he had no income, not even enough money to hire an attorney.

What was really happening was some financial sleight of hand. Bradshaw’s legal team subpoenaed Session’s bank records and hired a forensic accountant, which revealed that between October 2011 and November 2012, before Ashton’s birth and the developmental issues came to light, Session had handed over $5.1 million to his parents—“an attempt,” in the words of Judge Arthur Birken, “to circumvent and specifically intended to avoid paying his proper child support obligation.”

But that didn’t mean Session didn’t have access to funds. In April 2014, the former NFLer dropped $850,000 on a home in Indianapolis, forked over $34,820 for a Mercedes for his new girlfriend, gave $20,000 to a church, and spent $17,521 on a Sub-Zero refrigerator, apparently for the smoothie business, Raw Juice, that Session owns and runs in Indianapolis. “At no time did the Respondent/Father explain where, for what and whom these monies came,” the judge wrote.”

Fast forward to May of 2016 and Session now has an arrest warrant for not paying child support.

Via TMZ:

“Session — who reportedly got an $11 MILLION signing bonus from the Jags in 2011 — was previously ordered to pony up child support to his ex to help pay for his daughter’s vast medical bills.

FYI, Session’s 4-year-old is a quadriplegic who’s been diagnosed with cerebral palsy and brain damage. She has serious vision issues and can’t eat normal food.

Session’s ex says … despite a court order, the 31-year-old has refused to pay child support, medical bills, therapy bills and other fees … totaling up to more than $381,000.”

The judge in the case has given Session an ultimatum: pay for your child or go to jail.


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