FSU’s Mario Pender Told Cops He Won’t Cooperate Until Jimbo Fisher Shows Up After Domestic Battery Arrest

mario pender domestic violence arrest

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Over the weekend, Tallahassee police received a 911 call reporting a man hitting a woman and dragging her into a house by her hair. When police arrived at the house, they heard arguing and sounds of a struggle inside, so they called for back up and kicked the door in.

What they found was Florida State Seminoles running back Mario Pender straddling the mother of his one-and-a-half year old daughter, hands clasped around her neck.

At that point the responding officer drew his firearm and commanded Pender—who claimed the two were just “wrestling”—to get off the woman and lie down on the ground.  And according to the police report Pender complied with the command, albeit “reluctantly.”

After observing obvious injuries on the face, neck, and chest of the woman, the officers told Pender he was being arrested and attempted to escort him to their patrol car. However, Pender refused to cooperate until a supervisor and FSU head football coach Jimbo Fisher responded to the scene.

That’s right. Pender didn’t want a lawyer. He wanted Jimbo Fisher.

It’s unclear whether Fisher actually showed up, and he certainly didn’t do anything to help Pender, who was instead kicked off the team almost immediately. But the fact that Pender thought Jimbo Fisher could or would help him when the cops caught him strangling a woman? That says a lot about the treatment players at big time college programs have come to expect from university and law enforcement officials. And it’s not good.

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