Charles Barkley Turned Dwight Howard’s Visit to ‘Inside the NBA’ into an Awkward Intervention (Video + Tweets)

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Dwight Howard paid a visit to the Inside the NBA studio on Tuesday night. He gave a lengthy and very candid interview that basically turned into an intervention, with Kenny Smith and Charles Barkley pulling an Oprah and telling him how to best live his life now.

It was both refreshing and incredibly awkward.

Howard, of course, has taken a lot of heat over the last few years. It started with the way things ended in Orlando, with Howard demanding a trade. It continued in Los Angeles, where Howard expected Kobe to just hand over the keys to the franchise. And it certainly hasn’t abated in Houston, where Howard has so far been unable to co-exist with James Harden.

There is no doubt that Dwight Howard is an elite talent, and he had some really great seasons in Orlando. But ever since he left the Magic, he hasn’t fit in anywhere. And now he’s starting to run out of time to realize his full potential and win a championship.

When Dwight sat down for the interview, Barkley didn’t waste any time addressing the elephant in the room, asking Dwight straight up why he thinks people don’t like him. After they got that out of the way, though, Kenny took over and started giving Dwight a pep talk involving some animal analogies, the point of which was to encourage Dwight to be himself.

Take a look:

You certainly don’t see this kind of interview every day. So, needless to say, basketball Twitter was riveted.

Of course, you can always count on Shaq to lighten things up. And while he’s been a pretty vocal critic of Dwight Howard in the past, on Tuesday he took some of the heat off the guy by taking a shot at Barkley:

All in all a pretty interesting night on Inside the NBA, wouldn’t you say?

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