Frightening Injury: Vancouver Whitecaps Player Masato Kudo Knocked Unconscious in Violent Collision with Goalie (Video)

whitecaps player masato kudo knocked unconscious goalie collision

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About 12 minutes into Wednesday night’s MLS tilt between the Chicago Fire and Vancouver Whitecaps, Chicago goalkeeper Matt Lampson delivered one of the most vicious hits you’ll ever see to Vancouver forward Masato Kudo. In fact, the hit was so brutal that, for a minute, fans probably forgot which kind of football they were watching.

Lampson didn’t intend to collide with Kudo, of course. Both of them were going for the ball, and Lampson just so happened to hold a distinct size advantage over Kudo, a Japanese national playing his fist season in the MLS. But the fact that it was an accident didn’t make it any less scary as Kudo lied spread eagle and motionless on the field, blood streaming down from his mouth.

Fortunately, it only took a few minutes for Kudo to come to, and he was able to leave the field on his own two feet—albeit with assistance from Whitecaps trainers.

Here’s video of the scary scene:

And here’s a GIF for those of you who want to watch the devastating hit over and over:

Though Kudo was awake and alert upon coming off the field, he was taken to Vancouver General Hospital, where it’s highly likely he was diagnosed with a concussion.

Hopefully the recovery process isn’t too long and painful.

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