Girls High School Relay Team Uses High Jump Bar Instead of Baton in 4×100, Actually Wins Race (Video)

girls high school relay team uses high jump bar as baton wins race

Last week, at a track meet in Virginia, a high school relay team used a high jump pole instead of a regulation baton in a 4×100. And, believe it or not, they actually won the race. Or at least they finished ahead of the other teams. Whether or not the result actually counted is a different story.

So what the hell was going on?

It was all just a harmless prank. It was senior night for the Fairfax High School track team. A few members of the girls relay team wanted to do something fun to commemorate the occasion, and using silly objects—often rubber chickens—as the baton in relay races is a fairly common gag in track and field. However, these girls wanted to do something different.

“We were just like, ‘What’s something different that other teams don’t really do?'” Fairfax sernior Te’Ona Witherspoon told Let’s Run. “And we were like, ‘Let’s run a 4×100 with a pole.’ It was kind of a collective [decision]. Me and my friend Nyah, she was the second leg, and we’re kind of the jokesters on the team. We both kind of came up with the idea to have some fun.”

The girls had no expectation of winning. Two of them ran on another team in the previous heat, and they didn’t even practice handing off the high jump bar.

“It kind of just happened,” Te’Ona explained. “Before we ran we were like, let’s just pass it off to one another. We’re not going to focus on how to pass it because it’s really, really long. Let’s just try and get it around in a circle.”

However, they did more than just get it around in a circle. They won their heat.

Unfortunately the only video we have of the race cuts off just before they cross the finish line. But it gives you the idea:

In case you were wondering, official IAAF rules do not state that the baton actually has to be a baton. It only says that the relay item must be between .28 and .30 meters long. Which is why rubber chickens are often used. The high jump bar was obviously a violation of the rules, so you have to assume their victory was voided after the fact. Still makes for a pretty cool story, though.

Hat Tip – [Let’s Run]

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