Forget Spanish, You’ve Gotta Hear the Nick Bonino Overtime Winner in Punjabi! (Video)


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When big plays happen, often we’ll do two or three posts about them. First there is the original post that just shows you the play. Then comes a second post about all the funny and entertaining reactions to the play on social media. And then, if we’re lucky, we’ll get to do a third post with the Spanish commentary for the play, which in most cases is far superior to the English commentary.

The big play we’re talking about today, though, is a little different. We didn’t even do an original post about the Nick Bonino overtime winner that sent the Penguins to the Eastern Conference Finals. It was mentioned in passing in another post. And we certainly didn’t do a post about the reaction on social media. But we are doing an alternate language commentary post—only this time it’s not in Spanish. It’s in Punjabi. Which, as it turns out, is waaaay better than Spanish. At least when Nick Bonino is involved.

Check out this call from the Hockey Night in Canada: Punjabi broadcast:


Yep, that’s amazing.

The HNIC Punjabi announcer didn’t just come up with that on the fly, though. He’d been honing his Bonino call all series long. Just check out Bonino’s goal from Game 1:

Bonino-Bonino-Bonino-Bonino-Bonino-Bonino! I don’t know about you, but I almost want the Penguins to win the Stanley Cup just so we can hear more of this.

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