The Gregg Popovich Post-Elimination Press Conference Was Nice and Salty (Video)

gregg popovich post-elimination press conference

The San Antonio Spurs were eliminated by the Oklahoma City Thunder in shocking fashion on Thursday night. This was not a tight, back-and-forth Game 7. This was a humiliating Game 6 beatdown.

Who could have seen that coming? Not to take anything away from the Thunder, but the Spurs won 67 games this year and, until the second round of the playoffs, looked like the only team that stood any chance of beating Steph Curry and the Golden State Warriors. We did not expect to see them get bounced in the second round.

Of course, any time the Spurs get eliminated there’s a silver lining: an extra salty Gregg Popovich post-elimination press conference.

I say extra salty because pretty much every Gregg Popovich press conference is a little salty. It’s just more intense when the Spurs have lost.

You want highlights? We’ve got highlights. Here, for starters, is Popovich’s response to a reporter asking him to “speak to the disappointment” of a historically good season going down the drain:

Here is Popovich kindly pointing out in his unique way that the reporter has not actually asked a question:

And here is Popovich bristling at a reporter having the audacity to talk tactics with a five-time NBA champion:

Man I love this guy. Please don’t ever retire, Pop.

Hat Tip – [The Score]

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