Johnny Manziel Spotted Leaving a Club with a $20K Custom Grill in His Mouth (Pics + Video)

manziel grill

Johnny Manziel‘s downward spiral has apparently evolved from the “partying too much” phase to the “partying too much and blowing cash on the dumbest stuff you could ever imagine” phase. It’s easy to think that he goes to these clubs and Coachella on the cheap, but last night, he was photographed leaving Warwick in Hollywood with a $20,000 grill in his mouth, just like former Texas A&M teammate Von Miller.

The difference between the two, however, is that Von Miller has a job and a salary these days, while Manziel’s prospects are looking like a thing of the distant past. Still, though…he’s got a grill!

Here’s footage of Manziel leaving the club with the grill:

And here’s the mouthpiece in question, from celebrity grill maker Johnny Deng:


Well, this is just another sign that Manziel’s partying will probably come to a grinding halt when he makes a few more purchases like this and finally depletes his bank account.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]


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