Mothers vs Sons Tackle Football Game: The Weirdest Way You Could Possibly Celebrate Mother’s Day (Video)

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All my life I just assumed everybody did typical mom stuff on Mother’s Day. Go to church, then maybe out to brunch. Go to the local botanical garden, smell some roses. Go to the mall, check out the Yankee Candle store. You know, mom stuff.

However, it’s recently occurred to me that I may be wrong. I’ve never really talked to other people about what they do with their moms on Mother’s Day. What if they do other stuff? The the people in this video certainly do. The people in this video apparently celebrate Mother’s Day by playing a game of mothers vs sons tackle football.

Yes, I am dead serious. I don’t know if this is a one-off situation, or an annual tradition. But they definitely are not f#%&ing around. These moms get absolutely destroyed by some pretty huge men. And everybody seems to be enjoying it. So…?

Check it out:

So I don’t know. Maybe next year instead of getting your mom a nice hanging plant, take her out to the backyard and lay her out with a vicious tackle?

If you do, please report back to us. We’d like to know how it was received.

Hat Tip – [Bro Bible]

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