(Video) Fans Request The Rams Change Their Name To The Los Angeles Jams With Rap Video

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Earlier this year, the St. Louis Rams were returned to their rightful home in Los Angeles and fans were ecstatic. These L.A Rams fans want the team to change the name to something that actually describes the city, The L.A. Jams.

Los Angeles is known for some of the worst traffic in America, so why not name the team after something the fans will have to deal with as they pack the stadium every Sunday.

“One day in early 2016, Sam Daly remarked to Tim Livingston — founder of TheLeadSports — that the LA Rams should change their name to the LA (Traffic) Jams. Tim called his brother (Joey Livingston) who immediately began writing lyrics, and within minutes the three of them embarked on a name-changing journey that led to the creation of arguably the greatest moniker-suggestive YouTube video of all-time. With intense demand from friends for Jams gear of their own, they created a store where people could Jam out and procure whatever merchandise their beautiful Jamtastic hearts desired…”

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