Washington Sports Anchor Copes with Capitals’ Elimination by Getting Drunk…On Air (Video)

washington sports anchor michael jenkins drunk on air

The Washington Capitals have let down their fans a lot in the Alex Ovechkin era. Since 2005, the Capitals have made the playoffs six times and won the Presidents’ Trophy twice, while Ovie has recorded an insane 525 goals. However, not once in that span have they advanced past the second round of the playoffs. And Capitals fans—including the reporters and journalists who cover the team—are starting to lose it.

This week, after the Capitals’ 120-point season was cut short by the Penguins’ Nick Bonino, CSN Mid-Atlantic anchor Michael Jenkens had had enough. So he decided to cope like any regular fan would cope: by getting drunk.

The only difference is that, unlike other regular fans, Jenkens got drunk live on air, while delivering sports highlight on Sportsnet Central.

Take a look:

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Obviously, this was totally planned. If Jenkens were really going rogue, this wouldn’t have gone on for several segments, and the entire crew probably wouldn’t have started yelling “CHUG! CHUG! CHUG!” Also, the title of this post would be “Washington Sports Anchor Gets Fired For Drinking On Air,” or something to that effect.

The sentiment was real, though. That is exactly how Capitals fans are feeling this week.

Chin up, guys. There’s always next year.

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