GoFundMe Accounts Started to Pay Odor’s Fine For Punching Bautista

Odor Punch Bautista

For the record, I hope Rougned Odor doesn’t get fined or suspended for punching Jose Bautista just because it made baseball fun again for at least an hour.

It took less than an hour after Toronto Blue Jays RF Jose Bautista was socked in the face by the Texas Rangers second baseman for at least 4 different GoFundMe sites offering to pay Odor’s pending fine to pop up.

One of the GoFundMe pages reads as follows:

“Rougned Odor, starting 2nd baseman for the Texas Rangers, is going to be facing a fine for punching Jose Bautista during the Sunday, May 15th 2016 home game at Globe Life Park in Arlington.  

The punch was the culmination of bad feelings that have been brewing since the 2015 ALDS when Bautista was accused of showboating when he hit a homerun and then “flipped” his bat.  Rangers and Ranger fans alike have been upset since, with much talk going back and forth between the clubs in the months since.  

Odor, who was the victim of a vicious hard slide into 2nd base by Bautista in the 8th inning of today’s game, stood up for himself, the organization, and all Rangers fans when he knocked the crap out of Bautista.  It was a glorious moment that should be applauded by all Ranger fans, and in appreciation of his actions, I believe we should show him how much we care.  

Since the game is just over, we don’t know the complete ramifications and penalties that are going to be passed down, but, it’s unlikely the MLB front office will let this go without a fine for Odor. We, the fans, will not be allowed to pay this fine for him, but his sacrifice should not go unnoticed.  

I propose that we raise funds equivalent to fine that Odor will face, and I will contact the Rangers to find out what charity he supports, then donate to his favorite charity in his name.  

 Thank you, Rougned, for giving us one of the greatest moments in Texas Rangers history, and keep up the good work!”

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