Hero Phillies Fan Saves Wife From Foul Ball…And Yes “Hero Phillies Fan” Does Sound Weird (Video)

phillies fan saves wife from foul ball

You don’t get many opportunities to write nice things about Phillies fans. Usually the stories are about Phillies fans fighting on opening day, or branding each other with spatulas, or intentionally puking on people. So when you see the words “Phillies fan saves wife from foul ball,” you almost expect them to be followed by “then spits on her,” or something awful like that. But not today. Today we have a nice story about Phillies fans.

On Monday, during the bottom of the fourth against the Marlins, one chivalrous Phillies fan made a sweet barehanded grab on a foul ball off the bat of SS Freddy Galvis, preventing it from smacking his wife right in the face.

Take a look:

Seriously, the matching sweatshirts, the way the wife puts her head lovingly on her husband’s shoulder. Are these two not adorable? They have totally redeemed Philadelphia fans in my eyes, proving once and for all that most people who attend sporting events in Philadelphia probably aren’t horrible douchebags.

Well done you two.

Hat Tip – [Cut4]

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