Karl-Anthony Towns Donates Car He Won for Rookie of the Year to Cancer Charity in Honor of Late Flip Saunders (Video)

karl-anthony towns donates car

These days any time an athlete wins any kind of award—World Series MVP, all-star game MVP, rookie of the year—they get a car. Nobody expects them to actually use the cars, of course. They don’t win Range Rovers or Porsche 911s. They win regular people cars like Chevy Tahoes, or Kia Sorrentos. The whole point of all this is publicity for the car manufacturer.

Fortunately, more and more pro athletes these days are doing the sensible thing with free cars and giving them away to people who actually need them. When Oklahoma City’s Russell Westbrook won a Kia Sorrento for being named MVP of the NBA All-Star game, he turned around and gave it to a single mom trying to put herself through school and create a better life for her kids. Now Minnesota’s Karl-Anthony Towns is following suit.

Towns was named the 2016 NBA Rookie of the Year on Monday. Just like the All-Star MVP award, this one came with a free Kia Sorrento. However, Towns announced right away that he was donating the car to the Leukemia Lymphoma Society’s Minnesota Chapter in honor of the man who drafted him first overall last summer, late Timberwolves coach Flip Saunders.

Nicely done by Towns.

Of course, at this point, any athlete who actually accepts one of these free cars is going to look like a huge jerk. But I’m sure we’re just going to keep going through the motions.

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