Ironically, a Brawl Broke Out at a Kung-Fu Competition (Video)

kung fu brawl

I guess tensions were running high at a kung-fu tournament for 12 year-olds in Ukraine because people supporting the two nations squaring off (Armenia and Azerbaijan, hostile nations) started to not only hit each other, but throw chairs and beat each other with poles as well. 

Those cats were fast as lightning. Here’s a video:

I’m really enjoying the fact that most of the violence was contained in the ring. It’s like they set up a special little brawling spot for themselves.

The Azeri team was soon after disqualified from the tournament for unsportsmanlike behavior. It also seems that the head of the sport’s governing federation acquired a head injury during the melee, which surely won’t help matters for either team.

Hat Tip – [Bloody Elbow]

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