Matt Barnes On Derek Fisher & Colin Kaepernick: “I’ll F*ck Both Of ‘Em Up.” (Video)

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Memphis Grizzlies forward Matt Barnes is no stranger to controversy and altercations on and off the court. It’s well documented that he and former Los Angeles Lakers teammate Derek Fisher do not like each other at all. Fisher is currently dating Barnes’ estranged wife at the moment.

His beef with San Francisco QB Colin Kaepernick has been brewing for years reportedly as Barnes took to Instagram in 2015 and called him a “Hoe”.

TMZ caught up with Barnes and asked if he had a choice to fight Kaepernick or Fisher, who would he choose?

His answer — “I’ll f*** both of ’em up.”

He also spoke about OKC’s center Steven Adams and his comments last night when he described Warriors’ guards Klay Thompson & Stephen Curry as ‘Quick little Monkeys’.

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