Arnold Schwarzenegger’s Son Is a Carbon Copy of a Young Arnie (Pic)

In case Arnold Schwarzenegger has to do any flashback scenes in his upcoming films (a reality the older he gets), I think we’ve found the kid who can play him. It’s his long-haired hulk of a son, Joseph Baena. This photo of him on the beach was taken in Malibu, where the 18 year-old college kid was tossing the football around.

Word has it that the son trains with his dad, which could explain the similar physiques, but they’re also related, so that probably has just as much to do with it, too.

For those that don’t recall, this kid has a different name because he was the one conceived out of wedlock with a former housekeeper, which led to Arnie’s divorce several years back.

Here are some photos:

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