New Video of Conor McGregor Boxing at L.A. Gym Means He’s Definitely Fighting Mayweather, Right?

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The idea that boxing legend Floyd Mayweather would fight UFC superstar Conor McGregor is patently absurd. Some people may be able to make a successful transition from one sport to the other, but giving somebody from one an immediate title shot in the other is crazy. Ask boxing coach Freddie Roach. He’ll tell you the exact same thing.

Of course, people have been having hypothetical “what if?” debates about MMA fighters taking on boxers for years. Because hypothetical “what if?” debates are fun. But now, for whatever reason, this talk about Mayweather-McGregor is slowly transforming from merely hypothetical to actually kind of possible.

Maybe it’s because McGregor seems to be on the outs with Dana White and the UFC. Maybe it’s because Mayweather himself keeps insisting that he wants to make it happen. Or maybe it’s because we keep seeing videos of Conor McGregor boxing at various L.A. gyms.

A few days ago there was this one. Now there’s this one:


That’s McGregor in the black helmet sparring with former IBO welterweight champ Chris van Heerden at Box ‘N Burn in Brentwood.

If McGregor isn’t seriously considering fighting Floyd Mayweather, he definitely wants us to think he is.

Hat Tip – [TMZ]

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