Premature Dikembe Mutombo Tweet Reveals Vast Conspiracy to Fix 2016 NBA Draft Lottery (Tweets)

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Yesterady afternoon, Hall of Famer Dikembe Mutombo took to Twitter to congratulate the Philadelphia 76ers on winning the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery.

The problem? When Mutombo published his tweet at 4:36 P.M., the 76ers had not yet won the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery.

dikembe mutombo nba draft lottery tweet
The 76ers would not win the 2016 NBA Draft Lottery for another three hours. So that invites the question: did Mutombo know the outcome of the lottery in advance because commissioner Adam Silver conspired with the illuminati to make sure the Sixers got the top pick?

The logical answer is no. Mutombo isn’t affiliated with the Sixers. He only played there for two seasons, so he’s not exactly a franchise icon. It was probably just a mistake on Mutombo’s part, as he tried to explain in a followup tweet.

But we all know that’s not going to stop NBA Truthers from crying conspiracy.

Current Sixer Joel Embid had a little fun with the situation after the lottery.

And so did the Sixers social media team. But they later deleted their tweet when they realized the full extent of the shitstorm Mutombo had set off.

76ers deleted mutombo tweet draft lottery
Congratulations, Adam Silver. Whoever the Philadelphia 76ers select with the no. 1 pick will be your Patrick Ewing.

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