Check Out the Hot Blonde Cavs Fan Sitting Behind the Raptors Bench Last Night (Pics)

Blonde Cavs Fan

Although the first game of the Easter Conference Finals didn’t do much to hold our attention, there was plenty going on around the Q that we were able to take in while trying to find SOMETHING fun to watch. Among the many other attractions was that blonde girl sitting behind the Raptors bench, who certainly wasn’t trying to shy away from the spotlight.

Her name is Sierra Smebakken, she is from North Dakota, and she considers herself a model, though she really only does that on her own Instagram account. She’s dating a millionaire named Dennis Leebow, an overly-tanned Cavs fan with courtside seats who runs a big steel company in Ohio.

He might be even more ridiculous than she is, which is quite the feat. Here are some pics at Dennis Leebow on Instagram… They both seem like delightful people, don’t they? (Credit Dennis Leebow Instagram)

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