Journalists on Celebrity Jeopardy Have No Idea Who Cam Newton Is (Video)

journalists on celebrity jeopardy cam newton question

Jeopardy! contestants tend to perform poorly on sports categories, and it’s no surprise given the age old feud between nerds and jocks. But the sports ignorance on display Tuesday was pretty ridiculous. The contestants were all journalists, and not one of them—not CNN’s Anderson Cooper, nor CBS’s Lara Logan, nor MSNBC’s Michael Steele—could identify Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton.

Now, normally I’d give journalists a break. Sure, Newton was the MVP of the biggest sports league in the world. And sure, he played in the Super Bowl, one of the biggest pop culture events of the year. But these people are real journalists who mostly cover things that actually matter, like politics and global affairs.

However, Cam Newton has been in the news a lot in the past year for reasons that go beyond sports, with people debating whether or not he is treated differently by fans and the media because of the color of his skin. You would think most journalists in the United States would be vaguely aware of this important cultural conversation and thus have a basic knowledge of who Cam Newton is. Hell, you’d at least expect the black guy to know who Cam is. But no.

Take a look:

Something tells me that if the clue had been, “This former Denver Broncos quarterback retired after winning his second Super Bowl,” one of them might have had an answer.

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