New York Mets P Bartolo Colon Being Sued for Being Deadbeat Dad To His Secret Family

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New York Mets pitcher Bartolo Colon has racked up a bunch of strikeouts & wins during his 19-year career in the MLB. On Wednesday, social media found out the married Colon has also racked up a secret family that his current wife knows about. SHE KNOWS, and doesn’t seem to care.

Bartolo has been with his wife for 21 years and managed to have a 7-year-old daughter & 8-year-old son with his mistress in the process.

The New York Post breaks down the details:

“According to the New York Post, Colon has an 8-year-old son and a 7-year-old daughter with a woman named Alexandra Santos. The right-hander has never publicly acknowledged his second family, though his wife Rosanna says she is aware of the situation and the lawsuit.

“I can’t talk about that,” Rosanna tole the Post in Spanish, confirming that she was aware of the details. “This is personal and not something I want to talk about.”

Colon and Rosanna have four sons, and Bartolo has spoken about them on many occasions. The couple has been together since childhood and married for 21 years. Colon has earned more than $100 million in his MLB career, and Santos claims he is a deadbeat dad who does not pay child support and is not involved in the lives of her two children in any way.

The 42-year-old hurler has been dragged into Manhattan court by Alexandra Santos, 38, who claims the $7 million-a-year player is a deadbeat dad who failed to pay child support for their elementary-school-age kids.”

This could have stayed a secret, but Bartolo outed himself trying to be his own lawyer.

It was Colon’s own fault that his cover was blown. Because he briefly represented himself in the custody dispute, his name was listed as an attorney in the case, sabotaging the “anonymous” shield the former couple had been granted by a judge.”

Bartolo and his wife of 21 years:


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