Dwight Howard Says He Doesn’t Take Jumpers Because He’s Afraid Of Missing & People Talking About Him

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If it wasn’t already official, it is now. Houston Rockets C(For now) Dwight Howard has to be the softest guy in NBA history. In 12 seasons in the NBA, Howard has never really expanded his game beyond like 5-feet from the basket and after a sit down interview with ESPN’s Jackie MacMullan, we found out why.

ESPN: One of the other criticisms of your game is you never expanded your range beyond the key. Why not?

Howard: “I used to shoot 1,000 shots a day. I called Kobe when I was still playing in Orlando and asked him what I should do. He’s the one who told me to do take 1,000 a day. So I’d practice and practice them but then I’d be so afraid to take them in a game because I was so worried I would miss. I hate messing up. I hate failure. I was just talking to (WNBA) star Tina Thompson the other day about it. I told her about my fear of missing and she said, ‘Dwight, you’re gonna miss. Everyone does.’ But I want to be perfect.’’

ESPN: So you don’t take perimeter jumpers because you are afraid you will miss them?

Howard: “I don’t like messing up. I didn’t want to turn on the TV and see people say, ‘Dwight is taking all those outside shots, he’s screwing around, he doesn’t care, he doesn’t want to win.’ So that’s the war I’ll be having in my head. I’m working on it.”

He had to reach out to a player in the WNBA for advice. THE WNBA. Time to retire.

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