Raiders-Broncos Twitter Beef: Raiders Get Roasted When They Claim Their D Is Better Than Broncos (Tweets)

Raiders-Broncos Twitter Beef (Von Miller Super Bowl MVP Lombardi Trophy)

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The Oakland Raiders have made significant improvements to their defense this offseason. They already had a pretty solid foundation with All-Pro DE/OLB Khalil Mack. Then they went and added Bruce Irvin, Sean Smith, Reggie Nelson, and first round pick Karl Joseph, all of whom are solid additions.

Are the Raiders ready to challenge the defending Super Bowl champion Denver Broncos for defensive supremacy in the AFC West, though? No. Hell no. Absolutely not. But the Raiders think they can!

On Tuesday night, the NFL tweeted a link to an article about the Raiders’ defensive upgrades, proclaiming that, for now, the Broncos’ defense still rules the AFC West.

Then, for some reason, the Raiders decided to challenge that assertion with a delusional tweet of their own:

So obviously, the Broncos fired back at the Raiders with pic of John Elway having a good laugh:

Then Broncos fans followed suit:

Raiders fans tried to fight back:

And they did get a few good shots in:

But this Twitter battle goes to the Broncos.

Raiders, you might want to tell the social media team to lay low for a little bit.

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