Skateboarder’s Near-Death Experience Shows Why You Should Always Use a Spotter (Video)

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If you want to see the look on someone’s face when they realize they just cheated a Final Destination-style death, look no further than this skateboarder.

After hitting a short stair rail, he finds himself in the street, pulling up and contorting his body to avoid certain catastrophe with a passing car that runs right over his jettisoned skateboard.

Take a look:

Thanks for showing us spots in St. Cloud and filming this today @jakebraun_ it was a close call #thankful #dgkallday #skateboarding #metrogrammed @dgk @3rdlair @krysp @thrashermag @vansskate

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What’s more amazing than the run-in is that he couldn’t use one of the dozen or so goons hanging around to check the street for approaching cars. Did he just assume speeding cars would yield to him or something?

The look on his face says it all. Use a spotter, kids.

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