Titans Rookie Morgan Burns Quits Football to Pursue Ministry


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Titans rookie Morgan Burns was not guaranteed a roster spot. The cornerback was a two-year starter for the Kansas State Wildcats, but he only signed with Tennessee last week after nobody selected him in the 2016 draft from April 28-30.

That said, reporters who cover the Titans thought Burns had a decent shot at making the roster as a kickoff return specialist, an area in which the Titans have struggled over the last few years. And he also could have served as a decent backup for the Titans’ secondary.

That definitely won’t happen now, though. Burns has announced that he is quitting football to pursue a much less violent, must less profitable carer.

“Morgan Burns will be retiring from the NFL today to pursue a career in ministry,” his agent Brandon Smart said. “He appreciates the opportunity the Titans gave him.”

That’s certainly not something you hear every day. But I guess Burns figured that, rather than bashing his head in just trying to stay in the league, he could put his body, mind, and spirit to better use serving a higher power.

Pretty refreshing, don’t you think?

Hat Tip – [Titan Insider]

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