3-Year-Old Names a Bunch of Classic Wrestlers, and the Results Are Both Spot-On and Hilarious (Tweet)

wrestler names

Wrestling, despite being a weird part of pop and sports culture, is such a bizarre concept that it almost hurts to think about. Of course, we’ve been so used to having the likes of Roddy Piper, the Iron Sheik, and Tugboat in our lives that we sort of take a look at these guys, grunt, then go about our business.

However, one dad showed his daughter, who’s 3, a roster of classic WWF wrestlers, and she assigned them names based on their appearance and her reaction to their appearance.

The results are awesome, and I think the wrestlers should be forced to change their names to the ones that this girl gave them.

Take a look:

“Money Lion?” That’s the greatest description of a human being ever. I wish someone would call me that.

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