Report: Dallas Cowboys to Sell Ezekiel Elliott Crop Top T-Shirts


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Ezekiel Elliott wore a crop top jersey with Ohio State in 2014. Officially he said it was so defenders had less to grab. Unofficially everybody just assumed it was because he wanted to establish a trademark look, show off his rock-hard abs, or both. However, the NCAA, banned the look for 2015, just like the NFL had done years ago. And that meant Zeke’s crop top days were over. Or so we thought.

As you surely know, Elliott walked the red carpet at the 2016 NFL Draft with a crop top dress shirt underneath his suit jacket.


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But it wasn’t just a case of a kid trying to flout the rules, or be weird for the sake of being weird. This was a strategic effort to make sure everybody remembers Ezekiel Elliott as the guy with the great abs who wears crop tops. And judging from a report by Newy Scruggs (yes I checked, that’s a real person) of NBC Dallas-Fort Worth, the strategy paid off. 

According to Scruggs, not only does Elliott have the top-selling jersey of anybody in the 2016 draft, but Bill Priakospresident of Dallas Cowboys Merchandising Limited, says Ezekiel Elliott crop top t-shirts are going to hit the stores very soon.

At this rate I fully expect somebody to show up to next year’s draft in crotchless pants hoping to make that a thing.

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